Prostate Cancer: Separating the Myths from the Facts

Prostate Cancer: Separating the Myths from the Facts

Don't get tangled in myths about prostate cancer – arm yourself with the right information. It's important to know about getting checked early, the different treatment options, and finding support. Here, we're setting the record straight on common misunderstandings about prostate cancer.

Myth #1: I'll feel symptoms if I have prostate cancer, so I don't need early screening.

Fact: In its early stages, prostate cancer often doesn't show symptoms. Catching it early through screening is key for easier treatment. Talk to your doctor about recommended screenings, beginning at age 40.

Myth #2: If I have prostate cancer, I'll need chemo, radiation, or surgery right away.

Fact: Not all prostate cancer cases need instant treatment. For less severe cases, watching closely or regular check-ups might be enough. This is called active surveillance or watchful waiting. More than half of low-risk prostate cancer patients go this route. Still, regular check-ups are crucial.

Myth #3: Prostate cancer is only a problem for older guys.

Fact: Younger guys and those with certain risks, like family history, can get prostate cancer too. Starting the talk about screenings at 40 is a good idea. Regular checks can help a lot.

Myth #4: If my PSA test is high, I definitely have prostate cancer.

Fact: PSA levels can increase for reasons other than cancer, like infections. Higher levels show prostate issues, but not always cancer. More tests are needed to know for sure.

Myth #5: Prostate cancer can't be treated or cured.

Fact: If detected early, prostate cancer can be cured. Almost everyone — 99% — diagnosed with cancer that hasn't spread outside of their prostate live at least five years after diagnosis. Hence, prostate cancer boasts one of the most impressive rates of being cured among all cancer types. This success owes much to the early detection protocols and advancements in treatments.


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